A curl that will never die!!!!

All I know is you are the cream de la creame, you are that fiya. The burn will live on Michael and please believe. I know that through the struggles in your life you where still in my heart. I know that there where your skeptics and I must admit that I was a little confused. What I know for sure is, you had a hand in my molding. You had a hand in getting me to a place from which I didn't know that I could reach. You had the power and the energy to take us all there. I had to let them know when they talked that ISH,you had the power at any moment to change their minds about you. Let him walk through that door,I would say. That would shut that mouth up. Talk that, if you want to. Bring the house down on them baby. I knew they forgot. I would remind the haters. By the way this is a blog about procuring your inner diva qualities and guess what. Procure them bitches the King is dead!
Now let's not even begin with the hair influence there where so many people with a curl, no one even knows how much you influenced the real cult trend. I had mine stop playing.



The best way to get into what looks good for you, is to be true to yourself.
Beyonce don't even look like Beyonce after she leaves the video shoot or the red carpet. The bottom line is you better look in that mirror and make some realisitc decisons. It's a great idea to get the specs of what it is you are trying to do.
Make it a decison that is going to work for your head shape and face shape. I myself have a jug type head but hey,I know it. What do I care I just work with the juggosity and move forward. I need volume and so I know that will require layers. Layers are my best friend and maybe yours too. Don't get it twisted. Make sure you are going with the real density of your hair. My hair is thin I don't care. It is what it is. I know this so I work with it so that these things aren't a factor. Wear the hair don't let the hair wear you. Sorry B, BUT A POINT HAD TO BE MADE AT YOUR EXPENSE, WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE FABULOUS.


Moisture is the key

It's hot outside and you are getting frustrated with your hair. You know my modo "moisture is the key".
Now we have to ask,"What is the first line of defense",I recommend Anti-humectant by Aveda. Go to www.aveda.com. It is a pomade that is a hair dress,modern day grease if you will. It is not very heavy and it has a moisturizing property as well as a protectant from sweating. Now of course you are going to sweat it just helps your hair from reverting as much as it would without it. I use it on my hair and I have a press and curl. It gives me shine as well moisture,but my hair doesn't revert and dry out as much.
Now you can whine about the price,about 20 bucks ,but it is well worth it. You are not going to use a lot of it, just a little goes a long way.
I love the product and I love the way it makes your hair smell. It's like a hair refresher. Now don't substitute this for a shampoo. You know better. You can find this product at the Aveda store or online at www.aveda.com. They will guide you to one near you.


First Lady

Michelle Obama,
The biggest Diva we know. She can transform into whatever she wants to be. Lately, I have been hearing chatter,with comments about her hair,clothes,and anything else,they come up with. I admit to some of the chatter myself. The bottom line is this, she is going to be who she is going to be,do these things make or break her. They certainly add to the drama and excitement. I really have a feeling being in the mist of all of this, I don't think she really gives a good damn. The way she went to vote,on election day, as if she just finished a work out, let's me know that she could care less about all of the superfical, she say they say. So what can we get from this. You better work what you got. You can have a paper sack on and still have GLAGGER, female version of swagger, WITH GLAMOUR. Go on GLAGGER GIRL.
Let them know what you working with. She got bigger fish to fry.


Pantene is the Devil!

There are casualties out here in the hair world. Don't be a victim.
I'm sure you think that Pantene is a great product. They advertise in some of the greatest magazines and after some of your favorite television shows. Just because a company have the financial kahunas(Sp) to back up there product,doesn't mean it's the best thing for you. Now with that being said I have several clients that have come in and I discover that the hair has changed,come to find out they have changed there shampoo, switched to what,PANTENE.Here lays the problem, Pantene has a heavy wax base, this is why your hair feels so good and the pliability is fantastic. In the beginning things are fine. After awhile that hair is more like a mannequin or the scarecrow,ease on down, ease on down the road. It has a plastic like feel and it's dry like straw and you don't know why. Not to mention it is slowly breaking off. You go to the salon and your stylist is slowly trimming,trimming,trimming,because the product encases the hair with wax it slowly builds up on the follicle and eventually this causes the hair to block moisture. All of a sudden you can't get the hair to curl.

You start using way more heat to get your daily looks. The hair has a dull appearance. No matter what you use it's not the same. This has become so common, especially now that the economy has caused some of you to care for your hair at home.Let me just say that Pantene does not stand alone. There are other products that contain a very high content of wax and other additives thats causes drying and breaking. Because there are so many products out there so many I can't name them all, below are some of my favorites that I just recently found out,can be purchased at Ulta beauty store.

Let the Pantene go!
Kera care products
Mizani products
Redkin products


New what!

Ok let's start by saying that it's six till 09, and I'm perplexed about what
I did last year. I then, at the last minute, realized the same thing I'm doing now
being fabulous, at the house, took a bath, cleaned up,and chilled.
When I say chilled, I mean champange in a fabulous glass and the lighting is spectacular.
All I have to say, can someone please talk Dick Clark off the ledge. I don't know what the hell he is saying. God bless him.
Do u


It's hard out here for a Diva.

Stand up.
I know it's hard out here.
We got to cut back in spending,shoot I haven't been inside of a target in a week.
Now y'all know this thing is serious.
These are the challenges we have to come to terms. A few tips to transitioning to yet still
another level of being the fabulous being that is

-Reshop your closet.
You know there are fabulous pieces in that closet that have not been
combined or thought out.

-Add a couple of accessories.
I'm sure the budget is weak but you can find a scarf, nail polish,boots, lipstick etc. These
things can pop off an outfit. CLEARENCE!

-Hair restructure.
Get a hair cut.
Hair color. A couple of highlits not a whole head.
Semi permanent color.
Deep conditioner.
These things can applied and not so often.

-A smile
It's the best accessory and it's free.

Everybody don't need to know you a hamburger
away from loosing it.
Look fabulous in distress.

-Go to the library get in another environment
you can reorginize better in a different space.
I love to hit up
Barnes and Noble
Window shop.
Hell, just get out and explore another side of
town. Duluth, look for a Real HouseWife of Atlanta.
Get up,Get out,
Maintain your DIVA.